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Artist Statement
     Creative outlet, escapism, shameless junky, obsessive collector, unscrupulous pusher-- these are all terms that describe my relationship with beads and my passion for beadwork.  Mankind has used beads for 40,000 years, so it could be said that I'm just one of the masses.
     My beadwork is an eclectic mix of beads, techniques, styles, motifs, and inspiration.  The primary focus is jewelry, wherein I strive to achieve unique style, as well as wearability and durability.  As a jewelry-maker I have an advantage over many other artists.  You see, my gallery is the human body.  I can exhibit my work every day and in every circumstance.
     Another important aspect of my artistry is my compulsion to share through teaching.  Both my classes and books feature eye-catching, appealing, wearable pieces intended to pique the interest of all.
     Well, okay, I admit it--I'm a beadaholic.  But even if one were available, I'm not looking for a 12-step program.  Bead happy!
Amulet Bag with Alaskan Motif
Many designs available, such as puffins, sea otter, moose, killer whale, northern lights, mountains, etc.
$325 - $425 DOM/S
My name tag includes two of my favorite stones: hematite and amber.  This piece was created as part of a MSVBS challenge. 

To Purchase these Pieces:
These pieces are presented as examples of my work.  Please contact me regarding your specific interest.  Each piece is a unique, one-of-a-kind  offering inspired by the materials and my creative muse.
DOM/S = depending on materials & size
Stone Cabochon Necklace
Many stones available, such as malachite, azurite, hematite, amber, amethyst, bloodstone, crazy lace, turquoise, etc. $125 - $575 DOM/S
Amulet Bag Embellished with Alaskan Flowers
Fireweed, forget-me-nots, & arctic poppies available.
$115 - $150 DOM/S

Floral Embellished Agate/Geode Slice
Variety of colors & flowers available.
$100 - $150 DOM/S
Seasonal Amulet Bag
Motifs reflecting the seasons (poinsettia, daffodil, sunflower, falling leaves) and others available.
$135 - $165 DOM/S
Eclectic Freeform Necklace
Huge selection of colors & beads available. Only the muse knows the final appearance of these!
$150 - $425 DOM/S
Amulet Bag with Holiday Motif
Designs for major holidays available.
$100 - $425 DOM/S
Amulet Bag with Alaska Native Angel Motif
Tlinget, Eskimo, Aleut and Athabascan available.
$275 - $425 DOM/S
Fireworks Necklace
Available in a wide variety of colors.
$150 - $200 DOM/S
Showcase Necklace
Show off your interest in a particular pastime.  Many motifs available.
$125 - $250 DOM/S
All necklaces include matching earrings.  Please specify pierced
or non-pierced.
Contact us to design your one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.  Many other designs also available, particularly those in my books.  Let's discuss it!
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