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Take this quiz to test your knowledge of beadwork and copyright infringement.  Unless otherwise noted, assume that the copyright owner was not contacted.
1.  Lulu Lovestobead teaches a class at your favorite bead store.  Your best friend admires the piece that you made in Lulu's class, so you xerox a copy of the instructions for your friend.
Is it infringement?yesno
2.  The members of your bead society suggest putting beadwork patterns in the newsletter.  As editor, you download some patterns off web sites and add them to the bead society newsletter.
Is it infringement?yesno
3.  Betty Beadyfan, your bead idol, has some cute designs in her book.  You're building a web site and put one of Betty's designs on it.  Of course, you mention Betty's name as the designer.
Is it infringement?yesno
4.  You enter several pieces for competition in the State Fair.  You learned how to do the pieces in classes from Suzy Superbeader, but your color choices are different than Suzy's.
Is it infringement?yesno
5.  Wilma Wannabeader sees a really cool beadwork design at a craft show.  She pulls out her idea book and begins copying the design.
Is it infringement?yesno
6.  Nancy Nuffbeads is asked to do a one-woman show for a local art gallery.  Her show includes designs by Suzy Superbeader and Carrie Cravesbeads.
Is it infringement?yes no
7.  The competition for on-line bead sales is tough.  Shawna Shopowner decides she needs a "hook" to draw customers.  She starts a monthly newsletter featuring patterns from the best-selling books.
Is it infringement?yesno
8.  Mary Morebeads invents a new stitch and tells the world about it via her web site.  Carrie Cravesbeads writes an article for a magazine.  In her design she uses Mary's new stitch.
Is it infringement? yesno

9.  You really like Carrie Cravesbeads' designs and so do your customers.  You make 50 pieces to sell at the Christmas bazaars.
Is it infringement?yesno
10.  Betty Beadyfan has a cute pattern for turkey earrings in her out-of-print book.  You change the pattern 10% by making the turkey's neck a bit shorter.  Your local shop owner, RingadingBeads, posts the derivative design as a freebie on their web site.
Is it infringement?yesno
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11.  You and your best bead buddy are thrilled to finally be able to attend a mega-bead show.  In order to get the most out of the show and to save a few bucks, you each sign up for different bead classes from the famous teachers.  In the evenings you make copies of the class instructions at the hotel's business center and teach each other what you learned that day.
Is it infringement?yesno
12.  You take a class from Betty Beadyfan at one of the big bead shows.  You're thrilled to discover that both the technique and the design are unique and the instructions are extremely well-written; you can't wait to get home to share the instructions with your little hometown beading circle and teach them everything you learned in  Betty's class. 
Is it infringement?yesno
13.  You've been asked to teach some FREE beading classes for your favorite charitable organization. 
Though you know how to do some techniques, you've never designed your own pieces or written instructions for doing these basic techniques.  But luckily, you find some cool FREE patterns by Lulu Lovestobead on the internet and print multiple copies of them  to use in your classes. 
Is it infringement?yesno
14.  Shawna Shopowner wants to add some pizzazz to her in-store beading classes.  She can't afford to hire the big-name designers to teach at her store, so she does the next best thing.  She attends a big bead show, buys kits from all the big-name designers, and teaches herself how to make the pieces in the kits.  Then Shawna Shopowner teaches her customers.
Is it infringement?yesno
15.  A number of Shawna Shopowner's regular customers don't have computer access, but have expressed interest in getting copies of some of Betty Beadyfan's FREE internet patterns.  To keep her customers happy, Shawna prints multiple copies of Betty's FREE internet patterns and sells them in her store for a nominal fee--just enough to pay for paper, ink, electricity and Shawna's time.
Is it infringement?yesno
16.  Dot Doesbeads takes this copyright quiz and learns a lot about the issue.  In her enthusiasm to fight the 'copyright wars' and spread the word for the "better good" of the bead world, she copies this quiz and puts it on her web site.
Is it infringement?yesno
17.  The Society of Busy Beeeders wants to raise some money for local charities.  They decide to sell beaded holiday earrings at upcoming bazaars and craft shows.  A committee selects several designs from a couple of Suzy Superbeader's books, makes copies of the instructions for all 30 members, and distributes them.  The members make 400 pairs of earrings, sell them at the shows, and successfully raise $8,000 for their charities.
Is it infringement?yesno