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Our granddaughter Nichole enjoys ice fishing.  She did look a bit perplexed, though, the first time we told her "It's a dolly."  Nichole is  now 6.
A good day of halibut fishing in Homer, AK
Our son Donnavon with two halibut.
Our son Shawn with an 80 lb. halibut.
My Dad Cal and his SO Pat
Now, you're probably wondering....  Where's Jeanette during all these fishing activities?  Why, sitting on shore and beading and beading and beading.....        Of course.
Gordon and a boat-load of Bristol Bay red salmon..
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Our grandson Nathan enjoys a piece of chocolate cake.  Nathan was 2.
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Look what's happening in our neck of the woods!
My Dad and SO Pat visited in July 2001.  This picture was taken in Hatcher Pass just north of Wasilla.
Bead Stores
Some firsts for Nathan--his first swing ride, first tuna in Hawaii, and first time  in hockey.
My brother Rick and wife Betty Jo visit Alaska from Oklahoma.
Our granddaughter Savannah was selected to be a poster child for a campaign against using alcohol while pregnant.   She is wearing an Aleut headdress that Grandma Jeanette made and wrapped in a sea otter skin that Grandpa Gordon hunted.
And a first for Nichole, literally...
Nichole, who is 4 years old, won two ribbons at the Alaska State Fair  2001 for her beadwork:
a 1st-place blue ribbon for her necklace, and a 3rd-place white ribbon for her bracelet.
Grandma is soooo proud!
Grandma's latest convert!
Teach 'em young and keep those hands busy with beads--no time for other mischief!
Alaska State Fair 2002
This year Nichole won a blue ribbon for her kitty necklace and an honorable mention for her ladybug bracelet.  This year she used a beading needle for the first time!  Nichole is six.
And Grandma Jeanette won some ribbons, too.
Making fair projects
Nichole visited Santa's shop in North Pole, Alaska.
Some pictures of Savannah, or
"Nanners" as her Daddy calls her.  Savannah was 2 in December.  Don't we have gorgeous grandkids!
     Donnavon with a small king salmon
See more pictures at Donnavon's web site:  http://donnavonshanigan.homestead.com
Savannah, as Halloween Princess
Nichole with her puppy Winter.
Student Work