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Looking for a guest teacher for your store, bead society, or bead festival?
Jeanette Shanigan
bead artist, author, teacher
Some suggested classes:
The Beaded Basket:     (5 classes available)
Learn basic techniques with the Beginner's Basket.
Create a larger basket and experiment with design and shape.
Create a full-size floral-embellished basket.
       Make a basket with a lid that is accented with stone beads.
Learn how to make the challenging Bead Urn that was featured in the
      Beadwork Magazine challenge, Feb/Mar '03.
Using Cabochons & Agate Slices:  (3 classes available)
Cabochons I = learn the basics of back stitch, edging, working with cabs, etc. while creating a brooch.
Cabochons II = more techniques, such as bezels, unusual edging stitches, bead embroidery, etc. while creating a necklace.
3-D Cabochons = learn advanced techniques, such as free-form & floral embellishment of your necklace or bracelet.
Lectures and/or Slide Shows:   (4 available)
Beadwork of Alaska Natives
Copyright and Beadwork
The Beady Quiz Show
Creating Beaded Quilts
Also any of the pieces from my beadwork books:  Beaded Holiday Earrings, Suncatcher Beaded Jewelry, Beaded Adornment, Beaded Holiday AdornmentThe Beaded Basket, Beads for the
Holidays, Beadazzled Cabochon Jewelry, A Bevy of Beaded BraceletsHoliday Beadery, Bead-Embellished Objects or More Beaded Baskets.

Also any of the pieces from my gallery on this website: 
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The Illusion Series(2 classes)
Learn 2-drop peyote done in a zigzag pattern.  Create this deceptive cuff bracelet that features interchangeable parts--great for wardrobe changes/colors.  Featured in the Beadwork Magazine challenge, Apr/May '04.
      "Fantail Illusion Necklace":  A bracelet has to have a matching necklace!  this one features the same motif as the bracelet plus a framed cabochon.
Basket Weave is not just for baskets!   (4 classes available)
Learn how to make the Knobby Bead using basket weave.
Make a bangle bracelet with basket weave and a bit of peyote.
      Learn a new way to surround a cabochon with beads.  Throw in some pearls for pizzazz.
      Use basket weave to make a large, spectacular neckpiece that features multiple cabochons.
Exploring the Herringbone Stitch(2 classes available)
Diagonal Drop Bracelet = Double flat herringbone embellished with small drops.
Art Deco Necklace = Combine stone cabochons with double herringbone and the unique cross-cross herringbone stitch.
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Basket Gallery
Exploring Braided Circlets:  (3 classes available)
Bracelet = learn the basic component and how to use it to create a bracelet.
Create an unique lariat that features braided circlets.
      Go tiny with 15's and create a beaded chain-link necklace with a beaded bead as the pendant..
Inspiration from Ireland:  (3 classes available)
Make a Celtic knot to embellish a herringbone bracelet.
Learn to make wild Irish Fuchsias and a Celtic knot, as you create a stunning necklace.
Create an evening bag or cell-phone bag that evokes Ireland.
Read an "Artist Profile" about me in the December 2007 issue of Bead & Button Magazine, page 100.