Basket Gallery
I created my first basket in 1999 using a technique that I've dubbed basket weave.  This technique makes the sides of the basket so stiff, that many believe wire is used.  BUT it's just beads, lots of them, thread, and technique.  For more details about the book, check out The Beaded Basket on the book page.  As always, thanks for your interest in my work.
Basic Basket
Basic Basket with Zig-Zag Motif
Bead-Accented Basket
Volcano Basket with Butterfly Accent
Bottoms-Up Basket
Bugle Basket
Curvaceous Basket
Easter Basket
"Simply Beads"
Bead-Accented Basket
Vase-Shaped Basket
"Golden Bead Urn"
Bead-A-Box Challenge, Beadwork Magazine

Big-Bottomed Basket with Butterfly
Donated to the Alaska Women's Resource Center Silent Auction
Something New!
   Knobby beads ...
   What fun!
This bead donated to the B&B Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer Necklace.
Blue basket embellished with cathedral glass beads.  Donated to the 2004 Bead & Button Breast Cancer Auction in memory of my mother.
"Green Basket with a Bluesy Tinge"
This basket was donated to the B&B Breast Cancer Auction 2003 in memory of my mother.
Top and side view of the Beginner's Basket Too.
"Royal Cathedral Glass Basket" donated to Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer auction 2006 at the Bead & Button Show in memory of my mother.
Itty-Bitty Basket Necklace
Glenna's Basket 2007--In memory of my mother, my donation to the Bead Artists against Breast Cancer auction at the Bead & Button Show.